Schickel Design

Mercy Health, Anderson and Fairfield Healthplex, Entry Atriums - Cincinnati, OH

Design Consultation, Interior Design Build, Works of Art

The art installations within these entry atriums communicate the Christian ideals at the heart of the mission of Mercy Health. Stained glass above the entrance shows the community of the human family and our interdependence with one another and with the natural world. A large limestone sculpture rises from the lower level through an opening in the main floor, rising up to the clerestory above. Four massive concrete columns are covered with symbolic paintings of the four elements of creation; earth, air, water, and fire. Through the artistic vision for the entrance space, Schickel made manifest the mission and vision of Mercy Health in their public space. 

PROJECT TEAM: Schickel Design, Susan Jacobs Interiors, Photography by Ben Kaufman