Schickel Design

Religious Art in Healthcare Setting - Cincinnati, Ohio

Schickel Design, liturgical designer, created religious art in the public spaces at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.

TriHealth, Good Samaritan Hospital - Cincinnati, OH

"Your energetic, creative, collaborative approach has been just what we needed to bring a complex set of criteria together and create a unified, truly healing environment for both body and spirit." -David P. Dornhegger, COO, Good Samaritan Hospital

"The way the art works with the design is refreshing and inspiring. Our goal was to create a welcoming, attractive, interactive environment with religious symbols and art integrated into the design of the facility. The artists and architects have surpassed my expectations." - Sr. Agnes Coveney, OSU, Phd. Director of Mission Integration

SERVICES: Interior Design Build, Works of Art

Dixmyth Lobby: Sculpture, stained glass, and paintings work together to promote a healing environment in this major urban hospital. Patients and families are greeted with a folded metal sculpture depicting the Good Samaritan reaching down to the man in need. Upon entering, they pass through a ribbon of colored stained glass, set within the curtain wall of the lobby. Once in the lobby, they are greeted by a large, richly colored mural that fills the upper half of the two story lobby. It quotes the bible, saying "The Lord will watch over your coming and your going." On each side of the lobby, framed abstract paintings echo the joyful lines and colors of the stained glass. 

Mainstreet Corridor: Working with hospital leadership and URS Architects, Schickel Design created and installed a series of works that communicate the Catholic identity of the Hospital and give comfort and encouragement in the long curving connector between the two sides of the hospital. Color, Imagery, Text, and Photographs combine to convey a sense of peace and hope. Gradient color wash links three large, boldly colorful images based on quotations from Psalms. A bronze figure of Christ is placed at the entrance of the space. Its' outstretched hands invite interaction as one walks by.

AWARDS: Honor Award, Cincinnati Design Awards

PROJECT TEAM: Schickel Design, HDR Architects