Schickel Design

Single Family Home Architecture in Loveland, Ohio

Cincinnati Architect, Schickel Design, created a lovely custom home in Loveland, Ohio. Experts in residential design, Schickel drew from their rich history to create this lovely home.

McIntosh House - Loveland, OH

“People say all the time that building a home is one of the worst things in the world…but working with Schickel has been one of the most amazing experiences.” - Kay Bolin, owner

SERVICES: Architecture, Interior Design, Stained Glass

DESCRIPTION: The McIntosh House sits on the footprint of a previous house on the banks of the O’Bannon Creek in the town of Loveland, OH. Maintaining the footprint of the previous structure, allowed Schickel Design to preserve the proximity of the house to the street. This supports the historic fabric of the neighborhood. The house is named after Claire McIntosh, who raised seven children there in the previous house. The design of the new house is inspired by the forms, shapes, and scale of the historic neighborhood. The wide front porch is near the street and provides a friendly filter between the public and private realms. The new house is a balloon frame construction on piers that go down to bedrock. 

PROJECT TEAM: Schickel Design, Loveland Construction and Remodeling, Pinnacle Engineering, Photography by Martha Schickel Dorff